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Kyoto Tsushin
"Kyoto Tsushin" is edited by Tsujikura Online Shop, the traditional Japanese umbrella shop located in Kyoto.
This newsletter offers you special information about Kyoto culture and history of wagasa.
Honen-in Sanmon
Honen-in Sanmon
Honen-in Sanmon

Honen-in is located in the Northeast part of Kyoto. In the Kamakura Period, Honen and his pupils held ascetic training called "Rokujiraisan-gyo" in Shishigatani. Later in the Edo Period, Banbu, the head priest of Chion-in temple and his pupil Priest Nincho chose this place to establish a training hall of Buddhist chant.

Inside the temple, you can fully feel the sense of nature. The temple gate, one of the simbols of Honen-in, is covered with green and red leaves in each seasons.
Going through the gate, you can find white sand terrace called "Byakusadan" on both sides. The sand terrace simbolizes a flow of water, on which seasonal images are drawn, and walking between the sand terrace signifies purifying mind and body.

From April 1 to 7 and November 1 to 7, visitors can pay to see Hojo Garden, Hojo fusuma and camellia garden which are usually closed to the public. The camellias in front of the principal Buddhist image create very beautiful atmosphere.

It's free to enter the grounds of the temple. Close to the temple is famous Philosopher's Path where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, rich green in summer, red leaves in autumn and snow scenery in winter.

It is one of the best sightseeing spot in Kyoto. Please feel the sense of Japan with Higasa on your hand.

Opening Hours   6am - 4pm
Access   From Kawaramachi Station (Hankyu Line), take city bus No.31 bound for Ginkakuji-mae, get off at Minamidacho, and walk approx 5 mins.
From JR Kyoto Station or Sanjo Station (Keihan Line), take city bus No.5 bound for Iwakura, get off at Jodoji, and walk approx 10 mins.
From Demachiyanagi Station (Keihan Line), take city bus bound for Kinrin Shako, get off at Jodoji, and walk apprx 10 mins.
TEL   +81-75-771-2420