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The Japanese umbrella

The Japanese umbrella items list

A beautiful wagasa with Kyoto dyeing.For both the first time customers and long time wagasa lovers. Also reccommended for interior decorations.

SIlk maigasa (parasol for dancing)

Maigasa items list

Colorful, small and light wagasa.Maigasa is used for the Japanese dance and folk songs.

Higasa (parasol)

Higasa item list

Colorful, small and light Japanese parasols.We also produce top quality parasols made with washi paper and lace.

Umbrella Display Stand

Umbrella Stand for display

Add Japanese flavor to your room.A stand for displaying wagasa and mai-higasa as interior decorations.


Akari items list

Enjoy the beautiful Akari created through washi paper.Akari by Isamu Noguchi has been loved through the world. The unique shade suits any types of room.