Tsujikura in Kyoto,Japan

Kiwami -Experience Rustic Colors-

Kiwami-Experience Rustic Colors-is made with carefully chosen Etchu hand-made washi paper.

The superb Etchu washi paper, which is handmade mainly using the strong fibers of the paper mulberry and dyed with vegetable dye, has a long washi paper making history, dating back to the Heian Period (794-1185).
These processes take much longer than machines, and none of the processes are by any means easy. In this way, it is only after carefully carrying out all these old-style processes, that the strong and beautiful Etchu washi paper is produced Through finding this washi paper, Tsujikura could create the beautiful rustic color wagasa for the first time. With attractive shades created by vegetable dyeing, the texture of handmade Etchu washi paper, and the neat and detailed completion by skilled artisans, there have never been more beautiful umbrellas. Tsujikura original brand [Kiwami] -Experience Rustic Colors- Please pick one up and experience it for yourself.

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