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Seven-five-three festival

seven-five-three festival

seven-five-three festival

The traditional event held in November is shichi-go-san (seven-five-three festival).
Shichi-go-san is a traditional Japanese event to celebrate children's growth and their good health at the age of three, five and seven.
Boys aged three and five, and girls aged three and seven are congratulated. On November 15th, children and their parents visit shrines and temples to give thanks for their good health and praying for good fortune.
Children are dressed up in their best clothes (usually kimonos), holding the chitose-ame (long sticks of candy) bearing the wish for long life, visit shrines and temples, and take memorial photographs.
Nowadays many people celebrate shichi-go-san on other weekends and national holidays in November.
This is an important stage of children's growth. They feel a little embarraced wearing unaccustomed costumes, but you can see pretty smiles enjoying this special day.
Tsujikura's paper mai-higasa is best suitable for children's kimonos on shichi-go-san.

Chitose-ame: Traditionally people celebrate shichi-go-san with chitose-ame, a stick of candy. It bears parents' wishes for their children's long lives and good health. This stick of candy is thin and long (less than 15mm diameter, within 1m long), and colored in the fortunate colors, red and white. The bags of chitose-ame have pictures of cranes and tortoises or pine, bamboo, and plum as they are thought to bring good fortune.

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