Tsujikura in Kyoto,Japan

Kyo-washi, Quality Janome / Maccha

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Tsujikura's original wagasa made with well-selected Kyoto washi paper. It has a unique and intriguing color shade.
It is made with top quality handmade Washi paper, the shaft is bamboo, and the latch is wood. It is created with traditional process of manufacturing with 48 stretchers. The wooden latch makes a good snap sound when opening and closing the umbrella. The back of the stretcher is dyed in Bengal red, which is also beautiful from inside.
Janome (bull's-eye pattern) is a traditional and high-class design, which gives strong impression with white ring on the basic color.


Color: Red
Length: 75cm
Diameter: 110cm
Stretchers: 48
Shaft: Bamboo
Latch: Wood
Kyo-washi, Quality Janome / Maccha

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  • Kyo-washi, Quality Janome / Maccha
  • Kyo-washi, Quality Janome / Maccha
  • Kyo-washi, Quality Janome / Maccha
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