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Kyoto Tsushin
"Kyoto Tsushin" is edited by Tsujikura Online Shop, the traditional Japanese umbrella shop located in Kyoto.
This newsletter offers you special information about Kyoto culture and history of wagasa.

Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial palace garden) is a spacious park of approximately 6.5ha, which is 700m east to west and 1300m north to south. In 1947, Kyoto Gyoen was designated as a national park alongside with Shinjuku Gyoen and Kokyo Gaien in Tokyo, which are all used to be the residences of high court nobles. Since then, the park became open to the public.
Nowadays the park has an important role of preservation and cultivation of natural environment.
The garden is surrounded by the stone mound and has nine gates. The garden is abundant in nature and historical remains such as the Imperial palace and Shusui-tei (tea ceremony room) and also there are some sports facilities inside the park.

"Gosho" is an Imperial palace where the Emperor, Imperial family and court nobles once lived.
The Imperial palace of the Heian Period used to be located 2km east from the current place. After repeated ravages of war, the predecessor of the palace was started to build in the late Kamakura Period. Few years later, the Emperor was crowned in this place and it was started to be called Gosho.
Since then, the Emperors resided in the Kyoto Gosho for 500 years until Meiji Period when the Emperor was moved to Tokyo. The Emperors' residences are Kyoto Gosho, Omiya Gosho and Sento Gosho in the Kyoto Gyoen.
Even now, the Emperor and the Empress stay in Kyoto Gosho when they return to Kyoto.


You will need to apply for a permission from the Imperial Household Agency to visit the Kyoto Gosho, Omiya Gosho or Sento Gosho. Kyoto Gosho is open to public in spring and fall for short period of time.

The spring has come at last.
If you have chance to come to Kyoto, please enjoy a walk with full of historical atmosphere in Kyoto Gyoen, along with Tsujikura's wagasa.

Admission Free
Access Take Kyoto City Underground Karasuma Line from JR Kyoto station, 5 minute walk from Imadegawa station
Inquiry Imperial Household Agency Kyoto Office TEL: 075-211-1215
京都御所 春季一般公開