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"Kyoto Tsushin" is edited by Tsujikura Online Shop, the traditional Japanese umbrella shop located in Kyoto.
This newsletter offers you special information about Kyoto culture and history of wagasa.

Rokuon-ji is commonly called Kinkaku-ji after the famous gold pavilion (Kinkaku).
The temple is located in Kita-ku, Kyoto city. It is unknown that the Kinkaku-ji and the Ginkaku-ji in Sakyo-ku are sub-temples of the Shokoku-ji.

About 800 years ago in the Kamakura era, Fujiwara Kintsune established the Saion-ji. In 1397, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu took over and remodeled the temple. The garden and the architectures centered around Kinkaku are said that they signify the heaven.

Kinkaku is a three-story Hogyo-zukuri construction (four roofs connected on square building), gilded over the lacquered base. It is a unique architecture as it consists of different architectural style in each three floors; Shinden-zukuri for the first floor, Shoin-zukuri for the second, and Zen style Buddhist sanctum for the third.

Kinkaku-ji is restored in 1952 for the current architecture, and regained its beauty in the 'Showa Major Reparation' in 1986, when approximately 20kg of gold is utilized. It is designated a world heritage site in 1994, one of the seventeen world heritage site in Kyoto (as of 2012). It is difficult to visit all of the sites at once, but the world heritage tour is surely one of the best sightseeing plan in Kyoto. In that event, we are looking forward to your visit to our shop too.

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