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High Quality Paper Parasol (Small), Sakura/Pink

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The high quality paper parasol is made by experienced craftsmen, with each one a handmade excellent item. With decorative yarn on the inner side and beautiful glossy cashew lacquer on the outer side, all the fine details make this an extremely exquisite item.

These colorful parasols, which use beautiful traditional designs are delighting customers not just as parasols to be held, but also as interior design.
They can be used in various ways, as a gift for someone special, interior lighting, or as a smart old-style parasol etc.
Please note that due to production numbers being low, these items sell out very quickly.

These high quality paper parasols are smaller than the regular paper parasols so please check the size chart before purchase.

※Please note that these parasols may not be used in rainy weather.


Color: Sakura/Pink
Length: 70cm
Diameter: 70cm
Stretchers: 32
Bone: Bamboo
Shaft: Bamboo
Latch: Metal
High Quality Paper Parasol (Small), Sakura/Pink

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  • High Quality Paper Parasol (Small), Sakura/Pink
  • High Quality Paper Parasol (Small), Sakura/Pink
  • High Quality Paper Parasol (Small), Sakura/Pink
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